Front Lit Channel Letters

Channel Letters are typically constructed with an aluminum backer, aluminum side returns, and a translucent acrylic face edged with vinyl trim-cap to hold it in place.  The acrylic face may also have a graphic applied to it for a broad range of multi-color logo styles.  LED's are most commonly used as a light source, but channel letters may also be illuminated with neon, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs.  You will often see this type of letter with an internal neon tube, and no acrylic face to achieve the "old-school" look, or incandescent bulbs for a marquee style letter.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind when plannig your channel letter sign:

  • Will the letters be mounted to a raceway (long rectangular box that houses electrical connecitons and power supplies), or directly to the face of the wall?  Either way, the letters will need to be wired together to provide power, so if you have space and access behind the wall , than you have this option.  If you don't have access or room behind the wall for the electrical connections between letters, than the letters will have to be mounted to a receway, or cabinet that acts as a raceway.
  • Do you have an electrical circuit with a junction box at the sign location?  Electrical signs are required to be powered by a dedicated circuit.
  • How do you want the sign to turn on and off?  There are three main choices for controlling your sign; either installing a photo-cell on the sign (or anywhere on the exterior of your building) that turns the power on when it's dark, and off when it's light.  Installing a timer in the electrical circuit that turns the sign on and off at specific times of day, or lastly installing a light switch in the electrical circuit so the sign can be manually turned on and off as you please.  

Check out a few examples of the different Front Lit Channel Letters that we have produced and if you're interested in a quote, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch to get the process started off right.  

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