Vinyl Graphics

Becoming more prominent as printing technology and materials continue to advance, vinyl decals are used on every surface, for just about every application where signage is needed.  We have seen vinyl decals used to label a trash can, or wrap an airplane.  

Die-cut vinyl decals are created by feeding a sheet of colored vinyl through a plotting machine with a drag-knife that cuts the outline shape in the vinyl sheet. The negative space is then removed from the sheet of vinyl, and transfer tape is applied over the face of the vinyl so it may be removed from the backing sheet, and applied to your surface. 

Printed decals are run through a standard ink-jet printer, but can be printed on a variety of vinyl materials, allowing your graphic to either conform around curves (like the bumper of a car) or to lay perfectly flat is used as a wall wrap graphic.  There are also less expensive types of vinyl that can be used for printing promotional stickers, or bumper stickers to get your message across.   

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